Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week Before Holiday Break!

Our week ahead is busy! With snow on the ground the kids are excited to be out an about.  Please remember to be safe and warm.  Snow pants are needed at school to be dry and comfortable for afternoon learning.

Back in the saddle!

What a busy couple of weeks at Albert Bridge.   Friday was a Kale Smoothies Day! Some students don't look so sure Mrs. Chick should be adding that green stuff to the fruit and yogurt. With a little help from Mr. Butler, though, the student might just enjoy the superfood!

If you would like to try a Kale smoothie at home, just blend some of your favorite fruits and yogurt with a bit of kale (off the stem).  We used Bananas and strawberries with vanilla yogurt and some orange juice! Delicious and Nutritious!