Sunday, October 11, 2015

International Walk and roll to school

We had 60% participation! Way to go ABS.

What we find on our walk!


Stream Table

Our 5th and 6th graders collaborated with Audry Halpert, a brownsville community member to explore options for preventing damage during floods!

ABS at VT 50

 Great to be a part of such a caring and dedicated community!

Random Acts of Kindness

Our students continue to make our community a better place through Random Acts of Kindness!

How can you make a difference, today?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Curriculum Night- THIS MONDAY!

Come learn about what your child is learning this year! We start at 5:30 in the library!

Halloween Committees being planned

IF you are interested in the Halloween Happenings- Contact Annalise Ennis (Haunted House) or Andrea Powell (Games and Dance)

Our 5th and 6th graders are already collaborating on ideas!

Emerging of the butterfly- week 3

The beginning of a new year allows us to watch amazing changes in our world!
Both Kindergarteners and 2nd graders were able to see the return of the Monarch Butterfly as it first emerged!  Can you find the butterfly with it's wavy wings? Our Great explores did in 2nd grade.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

This weeks Random Acts of Kindness went to Oden Cramer for being an awesome big brother and showed empathy when his younger brother was stung by a bee!

Walk and Roll Wednesdays are on a Roll!

We had great participation for our First Weekly Walk and Roll Wednesday.
Thank you to our community and parent volunteers- Krista Alderdice, Bill and Linda Ley, and Courtney McKaig!

We will have another one this coming Wednesday and every Wednesday we don't have unsafe weather!

Future ABS stars!

Bike rack is loaded!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walk and Roll Wednesdays

This week we start our Walk and Roll Wednesdays- If you are interested in joining- just meet at one of the departure points by the departure time!

Friday, September 4, 2015

First Week

Our First Week of the 2015 school year is a success- our students are looking forward to an engaging, challenging and fun year!

Pictures from the first day!

Random Acts of Kindness Awards go to ....

Mrs. Jean Chick, for being with us on day 1
Class of 2015 for donating their fourth of July float winnings to class of 2016 class trip

Issac Becker for investigating a problem and identifying potential solutions

We are on our way!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gearing up!

With one week before School is back in session, ABS is starting to look like a school again!  Our staff has been busy all summer long learning and preparing for the year ahead and we can't wait to see everyone on September 2nd!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Building Closed for Cleaning

ABS will be closed for cleaning August 3-14 so that the floors may be cleaned.

gaga pit

If you've noticed the new structure on the field side of the building and are wondering what it is, it is a Ga-Ga Pit, built by our engineering students and parent volunteers.

If you are interested in the rules here they are!

1. Designate one non-player as the referee. The referee is the sole authority during play and is responsible for
settling disputes and ensuring fair play.
2. The referee begins play only after all players are standing in the Ga-ga court and have indicated that they are
ready to start the game.
3. One player tosses the ball up in the air. Players yell “Ga” on the first bounce and “Ga” again on the second
bounce, and the ball is then in play.
4. Players hit the ball with their hands only, and may not carry or throw the ball - it must be punched with open
hand or fist.
5. Any player who is touched by the ball either directly or by a rebound off the wall is “out”, then must step
out of the pit.
6. If the ball contacts a player or a player’s clothing below the waist, that player is eliminated. If the ball contacts
the player above the waist, the player is still in.
7. If the ball goes out of the Ga-ga court, the last player to touch the ball is eliminated.
8. If a player catches the ball before it bounces, the player who had the last contact with the ball is eliminated.
9. Once the player hits the ball, he or she must wait until the ball touches someone else before hitting it again
(no double touches).
10. If there are only two players remaining, a player may hit the ball up to 3 times in a row. The ball is “rejuvenated”
by contact with the wall, and the hit count resets.
11. Some Ga-Ga games are designed to be team efforts, although the sport is traditionally a one-against-all competition.
Teaming, or intentional passing of the ball to other players, is allowed only at the discretion of the

referee and must be specified in advance of play.

Summer Camp Fun

Our summer camp has been quite a success, so far.  Our final day is Tuesday July 28th from 8-12! All ABS student graduated or not, are welcome to join in the reading, music, food, and games!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Community Day of Service May 2

Hello Community,

On Saturday, May 2, ABS in Collaboration with SCIP will host a Green Up gathering to celebrate our community.  This year we have a unique focus:

Resuming local posts

Hello Community of Explorers,

I have been asked to resume with blog posts and am happy to do so!

Welcome back and I hope Spring break was a time of great exploration!

Our snow has finally melted and the rain is coming down.  This Wednesday is our Next Walk and Roll to School day and now that we have sidewalks to walk on, we will resume our monthly tradition! We hope you join us at one of 4 meeting places.