Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Windsor Prisoner Alert

      October 6, 2014

Dear ABS Community,

Albert Bridge School was alerted by the Windsor Prison that an inmate was missing from a worksite in Windsor this morning at which time we went into a preliminary stage of precaution with what is referred to as "clear the halls". This means children stay in their classroom with their teacher and continue with learning. If a child needed to be in the halls for any reason, (bathroom, nurse) he or she was escorted by an adult. We kept our students inside for the remainder of the day and assured all exterior doors and windows were secure.  We kept an administrator in the building until all students are cleared from the bus (meet by an expected adult at the bus stop) or picked up from school by an approved adult.  The students and staff did an exceptional job continuing to learn while following procedure.  Thank you all for your response and flexibility.

 If you did not receive an “alert now” message via phone from Dr. David Baker, our Superintendent,  please call the ABS office and let us know so we can check and update our records.

Please call the school if you have any questions.


Jenifer Aldrich